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Welcome to the Leviton Law Group, A P.C.  Now that you have found us, why should you seek our advice and counsel?

If you seek civil litigation counsel, we work with you to set reasonable and attainable goals.  Although we cannot guarantee any outcomes, we strive to reach an outcome that meets or exceeds your goals. 

If you seek business advice and counsel, we help you manage your relationships and activities through better understanding the potential consequences of your options and choices.

If you seek employment law counsel, we help employers be proactive in reducing risks and problems.  We also work with both employers and employees to resolve disputes early, if possible, in a mutually agreeable and beneficial way. 

If you seek basic estate planning counsel, we help you understand your needs and articulate your wishes, and thereafter create a plan that reflects your desires.

Thank you for visiting our website.  If you would like further information or legal counsel, please contact us.